Is My Song Good

Is My Song Good is a platform for songwriters to have their songs rated.

Instead of the usual process of submitting songs to publishers and artists, at Is My Song Good, you can have the music loving public rate your song. 

In the songwriting industry you very seldom get any feedback. If you are lucky you might get an acknowledgment that they even listened to your song. That is about to change when you sign-up for Is My Song Good. You can see what the public really thinks of your song and then shop it to industry professionals, either directly or indirectly.

Think of as a proving ground. You can submit works in progress as well as finished songs. You can also search for collaborators and see what publishers and other artists are looking for.

All of the owners of are musicians and songwriters, we have no interest in taking your song. You keep 100% of your copyrights.

Does this sound good to you? If so join for free now. Or if you are a member login.